Winston Water Cooler, Ltd

Winston Water Cooler, Ltd., was established in 1963 in Dallas, TX. The company originally provided supplies and services for water cooler and purification- a service Winston still provides today. Over the years, Winston has evolved with the times and expanded into a large wholesale distributor specializing in plumbing, pipe valve & fittings, decorative hardware and HVAC supplies and equipment.

In 2000 Winston Water Cooler was purchased by Jane Butter. Mrs. Butter has expanded the company adding locations in Dallas, Rockwall, Fort Worth, Waco, Brownwood , Jacksonville, Texarkana , Sunnyvale, and Amarillo TX. Winston also has a location in Phoenix, Arizona. Today, Winston is considered one of the largest wholesalers in the DFW Metroplex.  

The family also includes two sister locations, NXT and The Jarrell Company, that specialize in appliances, plumbing and appliances.  These locations include showrooms and a highly trained team that will guide you through the product selection process to help make your ideas come to fruition. They specialize in helping you choose products that are within your budget, fit the desired décor, and are on trend with today’s products.

Winston is a Woman-Owned and HUB Certified business registered with the NCTRCA. Winston is proud of its rich history in the wholesale distribution industry, and the Winston team is excited about the future of the company.


Rockwall's Grand Opening with 1310 The Ticket


Rockwall Grand Opening 1


Rockwall Grand Opening 2

Rockwall Grand Opening 3

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