4 Necessary Features to Think of for Your Office Water Dispenser

Drinking fountain with office water dispenser on it

Do you know that old joke that says, ‘talking around the water cooler spreads news faster than a memo’? Now maybe that isn’t always true, but that doesn’t mean your office water dispenser isn’t important! After all, you’ve got to stay hydrated if you want to get great work done!

But have you ever looked into buying a water dispenser for your office? WWCSupply.com alone has over 400 water dispensers and coolers just waiting to be picked – but that makes it hard to know which one to choose, especially if your background is in business, not water.

In fact, just hearing that we have over 400 options might make you feel overwhelmed. And we assume that browsing the hundreds of options and wondering which is the best for your office isn’t how you want to spend your weekend.

But worry no more – because that’s why Winston Water Cooler is here! We want to help you buy with confidence and know that you’ve chosen a great office water dispenser, fountain or cooler.

Let’s take a dip into the top 4 features you need to think of before you buy.

1. Do You Have a Brand Preference for Your Office Water Dispenser?

This is a great place to start as it clearly narrows down your options and can even take you from 400 to under 100 on the Winston Water Cooler site.

Do you like Elkay? Halsey Taylor? Oasis?

Maybe you already have products from one of these big names within your office – deciding to stay brand loyal or ‘match’ can be a great way to narrow down all the great options out there. Or maybe you have worked with a certain brand before, but it didn’t quite deliver what you needed – take that one out of the running and you’ve still considerably narrowed down your options!

Remember, every little bit is a little bit.

2. Do You Have a Particular Activation Type in Mind?

Now, for those of you who aren’t water bubbler (or fountain) experts, ‘activation’ is just the word used to say, ‘how do you want to make the water come out?’.

For example, you can push a button that mechanically turns the water on, or you can have a button or bar that you push and it electronically turns the water on. Don’t get too hung up on this option unless you have specific needs, as you can find side or front buttons or bars for either option (mechanical or electric).

Just look at all the great options we have for ‘activation type’! That’s why we mean it when we say we have everything you need – all under one roof, or, website!

Water Dispenser activation type definitions

3. What is Your Temperature Preference?

This might be a confusing feature, so let’s make sure it’s understood – you cannot search by the temperature that water comes out at, but you can search by GHP which is Gallons Per Hour. This essentially tells you the quantity it can cool in an hour.

Do you want unrefrigerated? 1 GPH or 20GPH? That will all depend on your preferences, the size of your office, and how much your team will use the water dispenser.

Worried about choosing the wrong one? Just ask one of our knowledgeable staff who will either have the answer already or easily be able to find a satisfactory one for you.

4. What Finish Do You Want for Your Office Water Dispenser?

This is where many of our customers get to have a little fun – sure, deciding how many bubblers you want is fun, or how you want it mounted, but everyone loves to decide based on design.

We have sandstone powedercoats, stainless steel (a crowd favorite), white, light gray granite, sandalwood, and platinum vinyl. Which means we can match your office aesthetic, your personal preferences, or your stylistic needs regardless of what they are.

So, if you started off this article wondering why we needed over 400 options on the WWCSupply.com site – now you know! It’s because we have all the colors, finishes, cooling options, mounting options, activation types, and brands you love!

Just look at this unique beauty by Elkay!

Orange elkay office water dispenser

Need Help Deciding on the Perfect Office Water Dispenser for Your Space? Winston Water Cooler Can Help!

Still need help deciding on which of our sleek, functional, and refreshing office water dispensers to choose? Stop into one of our many Winston Water Cooler locations today and talk to our friendly staff. We can’t wait to help you find the perfect product, solve your space or temperature problem, or simply finish that tricky project.

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