All the Safety Equipment You’ve Been Searching For

First Aid Kit for Business

No matter what safety equipment or safety needs you have, Winston Water Cooler has the products, brands, and tools you trust! We take safety seriously, which means we take your safety needs seriously.

Check out all of our safety equipment on, stop into one of our many area locations, or simply read on to learn all you need to know about safety on the job site, and the equipment that can help.

You and your project’s safety are our top priorities!

Arm Protection:

When working with heat, or even in hot climates (like Texas in the summer) arm protection is important, make sure you have the very best for yourself and your workers with our 14-inch Kevlar heat sleeve.

14-Inch Kevlar Heat Sleeve

Ergonomics Support & Knee Pads:

Some jobs require you to be on the ground which can be hard on your knees and joints. If this is a problem you frequently deal with, then kiss those aches and pains goodbye with our selection of SAS Safety Knee Pads with gel, plastic, or E-Z Kneez. They are durable, lightweight and are excellent for periodic kneeling on the job. Use a name you trust, like SAS Safety.

SAS Safety Deluxe Knee Pads

First Aid Kits:

Winston Water Cooler has a great selection of first aid kits to keep your workspace safe. We offer a range of price points and sizes to perfectly match your needs.

SAS Safety First Aid Kits

From our biggest kit that meets ANSI Z308.1 requirements, to our smallest kit for under $7.00 – whatever your safety needs are, can exceed them.

SAS Personal First Aid KitLarge First Aid Kit

Gloves & Hand Protection:

From coated and dipped gloves to general work gloves, cut resistant or impact resistant to disposable gloves, Winston Water Cooler has all of your hand protection needs!

Some jobs get hot, some work with sharp edges or blades, and some work with heavy materials or repetitive impacts. Whatever your project needs, you have to keep your hands protected, and we have all the brands, options, and categories for you.

Gloves and Hand Protection

Aren’t sure if our selection will cut it? We carry over 180 gloves on Check with your local store to see which they carry or deliver any gloves to your local store and pick up the specific pair you require.

Cooling Apparel:

Jobs in Texas and the surrounding states are often hot, which means some safety needs have to help protect you from heatstroke, overheating, and heat exhaustion.

At Winston Water Cooler, we want to always keep you cool and comfortable on the job, which is why we have a whole online range of cooling apparel for your neck, head, and face from SAS Safety ThermaSure.

Stay cool with

SAS Safety Thermasure Cooling Bandana

Hearing Protection:

Your job site can sometimes be loud, so loud that it could cause permanent damage to your ears, and though your project is important, no job is worth more than your hearing. Keep your ears safe with our hearing protection options.

We have earplugs for ease of use, as well as heavy duty ear muffs for jobs that require a little more.

SAS Safety Earmuffs

SAS Disposable Earplugs

Safety Cones:

Sometimes job sites are near roads or other busy areas. Make sure your project is safe for you, vehicles, and passersbys by using safety cones that are bright, easily seen or reflective.

At Winston Water Cooler, we have SAS Safety cones for large and small jobs, as well as a wide range of price points to match your needs and your budget.

Peruse our selection below or go directly to our safety cone range at

SAS Orange Safety Cones

Safety Eyewear:

One of the most important and vulnerable places you need to protect when on the job is your eyes. Whether you need safety glasses or goggles, you will find a comprehensive range in our stores and on our e-commerce site.

SAS Safety goggles offer high-impact polycarbonate lenses, 99.9% UV protection, anti-fog, and scratch-resistant coatings, as well as foam padding for a true and snug fit. Make sure you and your team are protecting their eyes when working on a project with a SAS Safety pair of goggles or glasses.

See a small part of our selection below:

SAS Safety - Safety Goggles

Winston Water Cooler Puts Safety First

If you are searching for a convenient, one-stop-shop for safety equipment, then visit or come into one of our locations today. Call ahead to learn more about your specific store.

Winston Water Cooler takes your safety seriously – and we carry the products to prove it.

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