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Winston Water Cooler’s goal is to be your full-service plumbing supply house in East Texas. It doesn’t matter whether you are a residential plumber, commercial contractor, engineer or just someone with a weekend project, we would be happy to assist you. Whether you need to source products for a new project, or repair an existing system, we can help you out. The thing that differentiates us is the decades of product knowledge our employees have, which means your customers will be even more satisfied with the solutions you provide. No matter what the job calls for: valves, fittings, pumps, water heaters, septic systems, piping, tools or anything else that manages water, we can help. We have over a million products available to us, which means there are a million products available to you! Whether you come into our store, or order online, we would be happy to service you.

Our mission is simple - we constantly strive to evolve with the industries we serve, so that we may best meet the needs of our customers.


HVAC/R Supplies and Repair Parts

Are you trying to find that one pesky product that seems to be eluding you? With our access to over a million products, and the experts who can tell you which one you need, we are your solution. HVAC/R is important to us, but so are you. Our mission is to help you find what you need, even if you don’t know exactly what you need. We stock the most popular brands including: Honeywell, Frazier Johnson, Fluke, Nu-Calgon, Packard, Hilmor, and Diverstech. We know these manufacturers well, and with our product knowledge we can ensure your customers get what they need. We can help you build brand new systems from the ground up, or repair ones that aren’t functioning properly. Whether you want to hook up an AC system, or install a simple thermostat, from “what do I need” to “get me this”, we have it covered.

Septic Supplies and Repair Parts

At Winston Water Cooler, helping our customers is out primary objective. Whether you need to build a full septic system, or repair an existing one, our knowledgeable staff can help. If you’re a full-time septic engineer, or a person with a project, you can have access to our huge inventory. Pumps, tanks, standard systems, control boxes, floats, pipes, infiltrators, UV flows, EZ Flow septic pipe, we have it all, and you can too! We will help you figure out what you need, whether we have it in store or not. The good news is if we do not have it in store, we can order it for you! We have a vast delivery range which helps us get things to you quickly.

The Winston Way

East Texas is what we do best Upper, Deep, South we have it all covered. Any industrial Plumbing/HVAC supplier can sell you some piping, or give you a quote on a water heater, but we aren’t like those people. We don’t just provide products, we provide solutions to your problems, and help you figure out what you need, regardless of the project’s scale. Our experienced employees are here to help you, all you need to do is drop by or go online!

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Winston Water Cooler of Lufkin, LTD is a proud member of the Region 7 ESC Purchasing Cooperative.

Region 7 ESC Purchasing started in 1994 with the collaboration of Region 7 ESC and several East Texas School Districts in efforts to procure competitive copy paper pricing for all educational members by satisfying the requirements of State of Texas Education Code Chapter 44. Fiscal Management, Subchapter B. Purchases, Contracts, Sec. 44.031. Purchasing Contracts.

Since its inception, Region 7 ESC Purchasing has grown to service over 150 education entities located throughout the state of Texas and maintains 2,000 plus companies awarded through 34 discount and five line-item/single-source bids.

Region 7 ESC Purchasing continually strives to exceed the memberships' purchasing requirements while maintaining the flexibility needed to satisfy the needs of all educational members, from 1A rural districts to 5A urban districts.

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