Whether you are a homeowner needing to replace an appliance or a needing a variety of appliances for a 600-unit multi-family complex the professionals at The Jarrell Company are here to assist. With the combination of our inventory being extensive and our relationships with key appliance manufacturers we are confident that we can handle your appliance needs.

Commercial Plumbing Supplies

From restaurants and hotels to office buildings, sports arenas, schools and hospitals, WWC prides ourselves on our ability to successfully deliver in all phases of the project. We understand that every commercial project is unique, which is why we offer customized plumbing solutions that address your specific needs while keeping your budget and timeline in mind.

Decorative Showrooms

Whether you are a custom home builder, a homeowner performing a remodel or an interior designer we are confident that our design specialists can transform your space from ordinary into extraordinary at an extremely competitive price point. 


Our Winston Energy Supply branch located in Odessa, Texas is a next generation of Pipe, Valves, and Fittings catering to the energy markets. They have over 37 years of experience in the upstream and midstream markets. Their inventory is stocked with both domestic and import PVF products which consists of a wide range of sizes, grades,  and schedules.   If you have Energy related PVF needs, we are confident that we can help!


We are pleased to announce that our commercial plumbing and mechanical PVF locations have access to in-house fabrication services. We can offer a wide variety of services that can save precious on-site labor hours for your jobs. Examples of services are:  
  • Saw Cutting
  • Cut Grooving
  • Roll Grooving 
  • Pipe Beveling
  • Drilling & Tapping
  • Pipe Threading
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Our Winston Water Cooler HVAC branches leverage their relationships with key manufacturers to keep our warehouses stocked and deliver competitively priced products to both the service and new construction HVAC contractors.

Come visit a store today and better understand how WWC stays up to date with the latest industry advancements, offering innovative and eco-friendly HVAC technologies that promote energy conservation and reduce environmental impact.

Mechanical Pipe, Valve and Fittings

Don’t let our name fool you!

Winston Water Cooler is an experienced supplier of commercial and industrial pipe, valve and fittings. We are ready to service all your mechanical PVF needs with a wide variety of in-stock products provided by very knowledgeable service professionals with years of experience.

Plumbing Repair Parts

As a leading wholesale supplier for both commercial and residential plumbers we are confident that our warehouse is properly stocked to address any plumbing repair job. Whether it is commercial or residential our onsite inventory can furnish parts to repair toilets, urinals, tubs, showers, faucets, sinks or drains.

Pump Repair Services

If you are a mechanical contractor who services centrifugal pumps and domestic water systems, we are confident that the Pump Repair of Texas team can help you! Our team offers full shop rebuilds and comprehensive field service that will get your customers’ back on line.

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Residential Plumbing Supplies

Whether you are a service contractor, building a custom home, a tract home or a multi-family residence we are confident we can provide you with high quality services and products.

Septic & Irrigation

Whether you are installing, servicing, or repairing a conventional or aerobic system, Winston Water Cooler has your septic supply needs covered. We offer a wide variety of components from the most minor parts to large tanks.


Our Family of Companies is proud to offer a wide variety of tool manufacturers in each of our stores. Our selection of tools ranges from the basic vise grips to innovative tool solutions for pressing pipe or cleaning drains. We are confident that if we don’t have the tool or accessories on the shelf, we can procure them from one of our tool manufacturers.


Whether you are a public or a private entity performing repairs or building new streets you can depend on us.

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